Frequently asked question

How does Prime Realty work?

We are a virtual brokerage that allows you to work remotely. With the flexibility of working from home, you  never have to attend office meeting. You can spend more time focusing on you business.

I want to join Prime Realty, what's next?

We will set you up with our Onboarding Specialist. They will get you set  up with you local board of realtors, you local MLS Service, our online transaction management system, and set up your CDA'S.

How do I earn 100% commission?

Right from the start you will earn 100%! All we charge is $500 per transaction.

Are there any sales volume requirements?

Although we want you to sell many homes per year, we do not have any quotas.

Does Prime Realty provide training?

Yes, Prime Realty Real Estate Coaches can set you up personalized training, and provide educational resources to help you succeed. All done via Zoom.

Why choose Prime Realty?

We have over 20 years experience in Selling Homes, Training Agents, and Providing Excellent Customer Service. We have many more homes to sell and agents to teach.

If you are motivated to build your own business, you are independent, self-driven and you’d like to keep more of your commission while also accessing best-in-class technology tools and great support, then we want you part of our team.

While traditional brokerages take a large portion of your commission and discount brokerages skimp on support and charge hidden fees, Prime Realty provides 100% commission and no hidden fees.

What fees do I pay?

Absolutely nothing! No monthly, no annual, no desk fees, no tech, no website.

When do I get paid?

All of your commissions will get paid directly at closing from the Title Company.

What if I need support?

That's easy, Prime Realty has your actual "Broker" available for you. You can contact the team whenever you want through email or by phone.

What marketing help do I get?

We have the best photographers for your properties offering amazing architectural, aerial & arone photos. Our in-house marketing experts will also help you advertise yourself as well as your listing.